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Monday, 22 May 2023

Successful CO2 Monitor Workshop with FfE

On May 11th, our CO2 monitor workshop "Information needs and customer requirements" in cooperation with FfE took place in Munich.Ā 

Learn more about the kick-off event here.

During the kick-off event, the main subject of discussion with 20 partners from the fields of grid, energy sales, industry and science was the development of a CO2 monitor to provide data on greenhouse gas emission intensity.


Together the basics and objectives of the platform were discussed and use cases were introduced. It became apparent that there is a great deal of interest in corresponding data. This is certainly also a decisive factor for the success of the energy tranisition, as this information contributes to the behavior of consumers. In addition, this data also plays a role in the individual "footprints" of companies.

As an example, in the Netherlands, corresponding data is already published on co2monitor.nl.

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