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Thursday, 21 March 2024

Launch of the "Nationaal Energie Dashboard"

Data on energy generation, use and CO2 emissions are becoming increasingly important for the energy transition. For this purpose, Gasunie and TenneT have launched the National Energy Dashboard on March 21, in cooperation with the Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) and the National Climate Platform (NKP). The dashboard is a further development of the existing websites Energieopwek, the CO2monitor and the Energy Weather Report.

The launch of the National Energy Dashboard stems from the growing demand for accessible, up-to-date energy data from the market, society and government. This data is essential for the transition to a sustainable, supply-driven energy system. It is becoming increasingly important to align production, consumption and grid capacity. This is a task for all of us.

Importance for the energy transition
By responding flexibly to the supply of solar and wind energy, both consumers and companies can save costs and reduce the pressure on the electricity grid.  Unnecessary investments can also be avoided when energy is consumed at the times when it is in high supply, so when the sun is shining and/or the wind is blowing.

Free accessible energy data for everyone
From its launch on March 21, everyone will have free access to ned.nl. Since the historical, current and predictive energy data can be downloaded or obtained via an API key, the data is widely accessible. It can be used, for example, in applications where energy suppliers give customers insight into their CO2 emissions. Data and insights from ned.nl can also support decisions for a future-proof energy supply. RTL 4 is already actively using this free data for its weekly Energy Weather Report. From now on, this Energy Weather Report will be a regular part of RTL's Friday weather report.

Connector in the data ecosystem
The ambition of the National Energy Dashboard is to act as a connector in the data ecosystem. By providing transparency in energy data, the platform aims to further accelerate the energy transition. The dashboard wants to be an inspiration for professionals and policy makers in finding innovative solutions to energy issues, with the goal of realizing a more sustainable energy future together.

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