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Monday, 15 May 2023

On to the the next phase!

After a successful kick-off event in February, 57 ideas for the Open Innovation Programme have been submitted. Each participant submitted a pitch video with supporting information about their solution. From this enormous amount of submissions, the top 5 were chosen and invited for the Pitches & Deep Dives event.

During the Pitches & Deep Dive event in April, the top 5 selected companies showed great enthusiasm and willingness to solve the key innovation challenge. On the first day, all teams shortly pitched their solutions to refresh the memories of our experts from TenneT and the DSO’s. After this, in five rotational rounds, the participants had the chance to further discuss their solutions, ask questions and gain insights from the experts. The next morning, it was time for the second and final round of pitches. Each team elaborated on their current hurdles, pitched a roadmap about the expected process in the next three months (Test & Scale Phase) and highlighted the benefits of a potential partnership with TenneT and / or the DSO’s.

During the two-day event external partners Oost NL and Set Ventures gave inspirational speeches on entrepreneurship and risk-taking, encouraging all participants with real-life examples to think outside the box. After all pitches were given, the experts decided on the three most promising solutions. The winners are:

  1. Siemens Energy: Extending grid capacity through Dynamic Asset Rating
  2. KrakenFlex: Digitalising the Dutch network through intelligent flexibility
  3. N-Side: Probabilistic Congestion Forecast for Grid Operators

If you would like to read more about each of the chosen ideas, please take a look at the OIP magazine!

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These top 3 solutions will now enter the three-month Test & Scale Phase. During the Revealing Event on the 6th of July, the three teams will present and defend their solutions in front of a jury. The jury will share feedback on the three solutions and attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives from other organisations, players in the energy industry, and other TenneT and DSO colleagues.

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